A Match Made in Heaven

When fashion shook hands with decor, luxury received a new definition. The definition is such that it is an extension of the designers’ vision far beyond their brands. It is like living in a space that brings their trademark styles to life in one of the most spectacular and intriguing creations of the world. Because why settle to buy from the brand when you can go and experience it?

Having said this, all brands are unique. And so are its decor styles. While as individuals, we are drawn to different spaces, we would eventually end up choosing our favourites. However, I have made the process easy for you. Here I have put together a list of distinct hotels by renowned designers and the personality type which suits these the best. So go ahead and discover your favourites!

For the Extravagant Aristocrat: Versace Palazzo, Dubai

OTT & Opulence? Check! Believe it or not, if you are a sucker for all things grandeur, Versace Palazzo should be your one-stop p(a)lace. As vibrant and flamboyant as the brand’s identity itself, this hotel calls all the luxury lovers to the most instagrammable place in Dubai. From Italian patterns and motifs to Versace’s signature prints, the opulent design takes inspiration from a neoclassical Italian palace and blends it well with Versace’s design ethos. With a diverse range of restaurants, pools, spas and gardens, the Versace Palazzo is a great storyteller of the brand’s iconic style, not less than any fantasy for anyone who wants to indulge in a luxury state of mind.

The lavish interiors of Versace Palazzo, Dubai

For the Social Animals: Fendi suites, Italy

For the elite conversationalists who can overcome any social situation, Fendi Suites offer the most dramatic and striking accommodation ever. Seven suites, each designed with unparalleled elegance and exclusivity, shine with lavish interiors but don’t fail to deliver the most homely vibe. Taking cues from the Fendi’s rich heritage, the space comes in with a scenic neighbourhood, marble-clad interiors and classic artworks adorning the walls. With Fendi Suites, it is all about going bigger, bolder and brighter- gravitating all extroverts towards themselves.

A Call to the Extroverts- Fendi Suites, Italy

For the Easy Going Lad: Bulgari Resort, Bali

As enchanting as the Bulgari Resort is, it makes an impeccable fit for a vacation away. Calling all carefree and laid-back personalities, this place brings in a natural setting combined with Italian elegance. With its rhythmic windows, wooden panels and private spaces in every Mansion, the resort seamlessly blends with its surroundings, embracing everyone who wishes to escape the monotonous routine. Amalgamating indigenous elements from Bali with the refined craftsmanship of Bulgari, the creation defines its purpose, presenting an exquisite oasis for relaxation.

A perfect choice for a break- Bulgari Resort, Bali

For the Clean Perfectionists: Armani Hotel- Milan

Organised, sleek and minimal- Armani Hotel takes a streamlined approach towards its design with muted tones taking a front seat in the space. As a brand that is synonymous with its understated chic style, it offers a space that takes the visitor into a new world of Armani Lifestyle. Clean linear sofa sets with smooth wooden floorings and refined fabrics entice every perfectionist into calling it the “perfect” space.

A display of the sleek and Clean- Armani Hotel, Milan

Based on your personality type, which place would be your ideal destination in the upcoming vacations?

Bombay | A student aspiring to acquire skills in Fashion Communication & Styling.